MB362 Electronic and Mobile Commerce

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A Suprise Quiz...WTH....

i was late for leson... coz of th arsenal n man utd match last nite...it was an interesting match... but well..simply dont like to watch it with the man utd supporters....too cocky..!!! okie..back to the point... was late half an hour n forced to do the quiz in half an hour..when im only given 10 min to do it...argh... the worse thing is that i have no idea about the module yet...sux man...got 9/24... thankfully its not included in the final score...!!!

okie now the tutor is showing the blogs of other pple n evalutating them... thankfully mine was not chosen...haha... okie new assignment for 2 weeks later...
ASIAN Food Safety Initiative [using RFIDs] ---->DEAD!!!

Lessons Learnt:
- Evaluating Web hosting
- Basic functions of electronic commerce software
- Advanced functions of electronic commerce software

For those pple who wana read something abt branding:
Tell Me a (Digital) StoryCompanies build brand by allowing customers to share their product tales online.


Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Improvements to be made for our flash...

okie finally the 1st flash presentation is over...
lots of room for improvement... haha
basically its coz we dun have the technical knowledge to do it.. at the same time ... due to time constraint too... well things to improve are the presentation of our ideas to the mass...
lessons learnt :
- we are simply not good enough..!!!
- applying disruption and innnovation theory

n yeah lessons over early today.. SHIOK!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

3rd e-commerce lesson...

well i am back here again talking about my course.... sigh just realise there is so much to catch up after trying to do the flash presentation yesterday with my group WOOF... intially we thought that the flash was kind of an easy task... in the end we took 3 hours to come out a simple motion of dumping the pikachu in the dustbin...sigh...well nevermind...hopefully can get it done by today and present it tomorrow..
okie better get right to the point of why am i here typing again..yup updates of last week lesson.

lesson learnt:
-marketing strategy 4P's ( place, product, promotion, price)
-market segmentation
-revenue models & building a web presence
-affliate & viral marketing strategies


Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Something to learn about HTML...


hey people this is the site that will guide you through about HTML....if you are interested....hehe

My 1st HTML lesson....

li An Tao /li
li Chee Chin Tau /li
li Du Lei /li
li Hue Wee Choong /li

the above html script will be shown as below:

.An Tao
.Chee Chin Tau
.Du Lei
.Hue Wee Choong

Monday, January 10, 2005

Something about Tsunami and the Internet


Seminar 1 for MB362

Well the 1st lesson was a mixture of boring and interesting stuff. 1stly the tutor started with a super long video clip regarding the disruption by the Internet which include convergence,mobiltiy,personalisation,digitalisation & globalisation. Most of us were stunned by the new business terms used by the speaker and hence many started to fall asleep while i was trying hard to focus and appreciate what the speaker was trying to convey. After the clip, the tutor gave us some introduction for MB362 and what is required from us. I find that this course is really a demanding one. We need to constantly update our blog and also post up a weekly article on it. Well the intersting part is that we will be able to learn about stuff like web design which I have been longing to master. I hope that the coming seminar will be a fruitful and more intersting one. ciao.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Time : Day Information required/use My location Source Cost Value
0830 Monday Time of day (get up) bed handphone 0 low
0845 Location of new bottle of shampoo ( clean up) shower myself 0 low
0900 Daily news ( keep up ) study table www.thestar.com.my 0 high
0915 Sports news ( keep up ) study table www.soccernet.com 0 high
0930 Time of day ( keep up ) study table watch 0 low
0945 Lecture theatre ( check location ) bus timetable 0 low
1000 Friends seating ( check location ) lecture theatre friends 0 low
1015 Time of day ( keep up ) lecture theatre friends 0 low
1030 Where are we going for breakfast? ( EQ ) lecture theatre friends 0 low
1050 Lecture theatre ( check location ) canteen friends 0 low
1105 Daily News ( keep up ) canteen Newpaper 0.70 high
1120 Time of day ( keep up ) canteen watch 0 low
1145 Telephone number of my friend to tell him to reserve seats ( EQ ) school using cellphone to reach operator 0.20 medium
1205 Time of day ( keep up ) lecture theatre watch 0 low
1230 Tutorial room ( check location ) lecture theatre timetable 0 medium
1240 Information about the tutorial ( keep up ) tutorial room friends 0 medium
1330 Where to have lunch? ( EQ ) tutorial room friends 0 medium